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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2000

* DP Aalberts, MSL du Croo de Jongh, BF Gerke, W van Saarloos,
Quantum coherent dynamics of molecules: A simple scenario for ultrafast photoisomerization.
Physical Review A 61, 040701 (2000).

* H Akimoto, R van Rooijen, R Jochemsen, G Frossati, W van Saarloos,
Melting process and interface instability of highly magnetized solid He-3: Role of the magnetization gradient.
Physical Review Letters 85, 1894-1897 (2000).

* M Arrayas, IK Kaufman, DG Luchinsky, PVE McClintock, SM Soskin,
Kramers problem for a multiwell potential.
Physical Review Letters 84, 2556-2559 (2000).

* J Bala, AM Oles, J Zaanen,
Origin of band and localized electron states in photoemission of NiO.
Physical Review B 61, 13573-13587 (2000).

* CWJ Beenakker, M Patra, PW Brouwer,
Photonic excess noise and wave localization.
Physical Review A 61, art. no.-051801 (2000).

* W Beenakker, FA Berends, AP Chapovsky,
An effective Lagrangian approach for unstable particles.
Nuclear Physics B 573, 503-535 (2000).

* MV Berry, JP Keating, H Schomerus,
Universal twinkling exponents for spectral fluctuations associated with mixed chaology.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series A 456, 1659-1668 (2000).

* J Blümlein, V Ravindran, WL van Neerven,
On the Drell-Levy-Yan relation to O(alpha_s^2).
Nuclear Physics B 586, 349-381 (2000).

* HB Brom, IM Abu-Siekah, O Bakharev, OO Bernal, PH Kes, Ming-Li, Nikolaev EG, GB Teitel'baum, AA Nugroho, AA Menovsky, J Zaanen,
Stripe and spin dynamics in hole doped La_2NiO_4, La_2CuO_4, Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_8 and electron doped Nd_1.85Ce_0.15CuO_4 seen by nuclear resonance.
International Journal of Modern Physics B 14, 3368-3373 (2000).

* MN Chernodub, TC Kraan, P van Baal,
Exact fermion zero-mode for the new calorons.
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 83-4, 556-558 (2000).

* A Chuvakin, J Smith, WL van Neerven,
Bottom quark electroproduction in variable flavor number schemes.
Physical Review D 62, 036004 (2000).

* A Chuvakin, J Smith, WL van Neerven,
Comparison between variable flavor number schemes for charm quark electroproduction.
Physical Review D 61, 096004 (2000).

* J de Boer,
String theory on AdS backgrounds.
Classical and Quantum Gravity 17, 1027-1034 (2000).

* J De Boer, J Evslin, MB Halpern, JE Wang,
New duality transformations in orbifold theory.
International Journal of Modern Physics A 15, 1297-1344 (2000).

* J de Boer, E Verlinde, H Verlinde,
On the holographic renormalization group.
Journal of High Energy Physics 08, 003 (2000).

* MSL du Croo de Jongh, JMJ van Leeuwen, W van Saarloos,
Incorporation of density-matrix wave functions in Monte Carlo simulations: Application to the frustrated Heisenberg model.
Physical Review B 62, 14844-14854 (2000).

* U Ebert, W van Saarloos,
Front propagation into unstable states: Universal algebraic convergence towards uniformly translating pulled fronts.
Physica D 146, 1-99 (2000).

* U Ebert, W van Saarloos,
Breakdown of the standard perturbation theory and moving boundary approximation for "pulled" fronts.
Physics Reports 337, 139-156 (2000).

* KM Frahm, H Schomerus, M Patra, CWJ Beenakker,
Large Petermann factor in chaotic cavities with many scattering channels.
Europhysics Letters 49, 48-54 (2000).

* AG Goicochea, MJ Holcomb, WA Little,
Echoes of the superconducting gap in proximity tri-layer junctions.
Physica C-Superconductivity 341, 1593-1594 (2000).

* WN Guo, HWJ Blöte, FY Wu,
Phase transition in the n > 2 honeycomb O(N) model.
Physical Review Letters 85, 3874-3877 (2000).

* JR Heringa, HWJ Blöte, E Luijten,
High-dimensional lattice gases.
Journal of Physics A 33, 2929-2941 (2000).

* A Keurentjes,
Orientifolds and twisted boundary conditions.
Nuclear Physics B 589, 440-460 (2000).

* TC Kovacs,
Instantons and chiral symmetry on the lattice.
Physical Review D 62, 034502 (2000).

* TG Kovacs,
Instanton effects in hadron spectroscopy revisited.
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 83-4, 500-502 (2000).

* TG Kovacs, ET Tomboulis,
Computation of the vortex free energy in SU(2) gauge theory.
Physical Review Letters 85, 704-707 (2000).

* TG Kovacs, ET Tomboulis,
Bound on the string tension by the excitation probability for a vortex.
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 83-4, 553-555 (2000).

* TC Kraan,
Instantons, monopoles and toric hyper-Kähler manifolds.
Communications in Mathematical Physics 212, 503-533 (2000).

* G Kramer, B Lampe,
Erratum: QCD corrections to charm quark production in deep-inelastic neutrino scattering (Z. Phys. C 54, 139-146, 1992).
European Physical Journal C 17, 371-371 (2000).

* X Leyronas, PG Silvestrov, CWJ Beenakker,
Scaling at the chaos threshold for interacting electrons in a quantum dot.
Physical Review Letters 84, 3414-3417 (2000).

* EG Mishchenko,
Nonlinear voltage dependence of the shot noise in mesoscopic degenerate conductors with strong electron-electron scattering.
Physical Review Letters 85, 4144-4147 (2000).

* SI Mukhin,
Stripe-phase ordering as a quantum interference phenomenon.
Physical Review B 62, 4332-4335 (2000).

* MP Nightingale, HWJ Blöte,
Monte Carlo computation of correlation times of independent relaxation modes at criticality.
Physical Review B 62, 1089-1101 (2000).

* AM Oles, LF Feiner, J Zaanen,
Quantum melting of magnetic long-range order near orbital degeneracy: Classical phases and gaussian fluctuations.
Physical Review B 61, 6257-6287 (2000).

* M Patra, CWJ Beenakker,
Propagation of squeezed radiation through amplifying or absorbing random media.
Physical Review A 61, 063805 (2000).

* M Patra, H Schomerus, CWJ Beenakker,
Quantum-limited linewidth of a chaotic laser cavity.
Physical Review A 61, 023810 (2000).

* M García-Pérez, A Gonzalez-Arroyo, P Carlos, P van Baal,
Nahm dualities on the torus - a synthesis.
Nuclear Physics B 564, 159-181 (2000).

* M García-Pérez, A Gonzalez-Arroyo, A Montero, C Pena, P van Baal,
Recent results on self-dual configurations on the torus.
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 83-4, 464-466 (2000).

* M García-Pérez, TG Kovacs, P van Baal,
Instanton size distribution.
Physics Letters B 472, 295-301 (2000).

* V Ravindran, WL van Neerven,
QCD corrections up to order alpha_s^2 to polarized quark production in e+e- -annihilation.
Nuclear Physics B 589, 507-544 (2000).

* C Reichhardt, A van Otterlo, GT Zimanyi,
Vortices freeze like window glass: The vortex molasses scenario.
Physical Review Letters 84, 1994-1997 (2000).

* A Rocco, U Ebert, W van Saarloos,
Subdiffusive fluctuations of "pulled" fronts with multiplicative noise.
Physical Review E 62, R13-R16 (2000).

* JM Rubi, P Mazur,
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and hydrodynamic fluctuations.
Physica A-Statistical and Theoretical Physics 276, 477-488 (2000).

* H Schomerus,
Twofold-broken rational tori and the uniform semiclassical approximation.
European Physical Journal D 10, 5-8 (2000).

* H Schomerus, CWJ Beenakker,
Search for two-scale localization in disordered wires in a magnetic field.
Physical Review Letters 84, 3927-3929 (2000).

* H Schomerus, KM Frahm, M Patra, CWJ Beenakker,
Quantum limit of the laser line width in chaotic cavities and statistics of residues of scattering matrix poles.
Physica A-Statistical and Theoretical Physics 278, 469-496 (2000).

* H Schomerus, KJH van Bemmel, CWJ Beenakker,
Coherent backscattering effect on wave dynamics in a random medium.
Europhysics Letters 52, 518-524 (2000).

* C Storm, W Spruijt, U Ebert, W van Saarloos,
Universal algebraic relaxation of velocity and phase in pulled fronts generating periodic or chaotic states.
Physical Review E 61, R6063-R6066 (2000).

* M Titov, CWJ Beenakker,
Signature of wave localization in the time dependence of a reflected pulse.
Physical Review Letters 85, 3388-3391 (2000).

* G Tripathy, W van Saarloos,
Fluctuation and relaxation properties of pulled fronts: A scenario for nonstandard Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling.
Physical Review Letters 85, 3556-3559 (2000).

* MM Tsypin, HWJ Blöte,
Probability distribution of the order parameter for the three-dimensional Ising-model universality class: A high-precision Monte Carlo study.
Physical Review E 62, 73-76 (2000).

* J Tworzydlo, CWJ Beenakker,
Hierarchical model for the scale-dependent velocity of waves in random media.
Physical Review Letters 85, 674-676 (2000).

* CNA van Duin, J Zaanen,
Interplay of superconductivity and magnetism in strong coupling.
Physical Review B 61, 3676-3690 (2000).

* R van Gastel, E Somfai, W van Saarloos, JWM Frenken,
A giant atomic slide-puzzle - atoms crammed tightly together in metal crystal surfaces are surprisingly mobile.
Nature 408, 665-665 (2000).

* R van Gulik,
GaGaRes: A Monte Carlo generator for resonance production in two-photon physics.
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 82, 311-315 (2000).

* WL Van Neerven,
Higher order corrections in perturbative quantum chromodynamics.
Pramana-Journal of Physics 55, 101-111 (2000).

* WL van Neerven, A Vogt,
NNLO evolution of deep-inelastic structure functions: The singlet case.
Nuclear Physics B 588, 345-373 (2000).

* WL van Neerven, A Vogt,
Parton densities and structure functions beyond the next-to-leading order.
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 89, 143-148 (2000).

* WL van Neerven, A Vogt,
Improved approximations for the three-loop splitting functions in QCD.
Physics Letters B 490, 111-118 (2000).

* WL van Neerven, A Vogt,
NNLO evolution of deep-inelastic structure functions: The non-singlet case.
Nuclear Physics B 568, 263-286 (2000).

* A van Otterlo, RT Scalettar, GT Zimanyi, R Olsson, A Petrean, W Kwok, V Vinokur,
Dynamic phases and the peak effect in dirty type II superconductors.
Physical Review Letters 84, 2493-2496 (2000).

* GHF van Raaij, KJH van Bemmel, T Janssen,
Lattice models and Landau theory for type-II incommensurate crystals.
Physical Review B 62, 3751-3765 (2000).

* A Vogt,
Real photon structure at an e+e- linear collider.
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 82, 394-399 (2000).

* J Zaanen,
High-temperature superconductivity - stripes defeat the Fermi liquid.
Nature 404, 714-715 (2000).

* J Zaanen,
Order out of disorder in a gas of elastic quantum strings in 2+1 dimensions.
Physical Review Letters 84, 753-756 (2000).

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