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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2007

* Achúcarro A, Salmi P, Urrestilla J
Semilocal cosmic string networks
Physical Review D 75 (12): 121703 Jun 2007

* Akhmerov AR, Beenakker CWJ
Detection of valley polarization in graphene by a superconducting contact
Physical Review Letters 98 (15): 157003 Apr 13 2007

* Akhmerov AR, Beenakker CWJ
Pseudodiffusive conduction at the Dirac point of a normal-superconductor junction in graphene
Physical Review B 75 (4): 045426 Jan 2007

* Amendola L, Charmousis C, Davis SC
Solar system constraints on Gauss-Bonnet mediated dark energy
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (10): 004 Oct 2007

* Ament LJP, Forte F, van den Brink J
Ultrashort lifetime expansion for indirect resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
Physical Review B 75 (11): 115118 Mar 2007

* Bardarson JH, Adagideli I, Jacquod P
Mesoscopic spin Hall effect
Physical Review Letters 98 (19): 196601 May 11 2007

* Bardarson JH, Tworzydlo J, Brouwer PW, Beenakker CWJ
One-parameter scaling at the Dirac point in graphene
Physical Review Letters 99 (10): 106801 Sep 7 2007

* Bazaliy YB
Magnetization dynamics in planar spin transfer devices and stabilization by repulsion in a spin-flip transistor
Applied Physics Letters 91 (26): 262510 Dec 24 2007

* Beri B, Bardarson JH, Beenakker CWJ
Effect of spin-orbit coupling on the excitation spectrum of Andreev billiards
Physical Review B 75 (16): 165307 Apr 2007

* Betouras JJ, Giovannetti G, van den Brink J
Multiferroicity induced by dislocated spin-density waves
Physical Review Letters 98 (25): 257602 Jun 22 2007

* Brax P, Davis AC, Davis SC, Jeannerot R, Postma M
Warping and F-term uplifting
Journal of High Energy Physics (9): 125 Sep 2007

* Brax P, van de Bruck C, Davis AC, Davis SC, Jeannerot R, Postma M
Moduli corrections to D-term inflation
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (1): 026 Jan 2007

* Bruckmann F, Catterall S, de Kok M
Critique of the link approach to exact lattice supersymmetry
Physical Review D 75 (4): 045016 Feb 2007

Burkatzki M, Filippi C, Dolg M
Energy-consistent pseudopotentials for quantum monte Carlo calculations
Journal of Chemical Physics 126 (23): 234105 Jun 21 2007

* Chakraborty PB, Denteneer PJH, Scalettar RT
Determinant quantum Monte Carlo study of the screening of the one-body potential near a metal-insulator transition
Physical Review B 75 (12): 125117 Mar 2007

* Cordova F, Doriol LJ, Ipatov A, Casidaa ME, Filippi C, Vela A
Troubleshooting time-dependent density-functional theory for photochemical applications: Oxirane
Journal of Chemical Physics 127 (16): 164111 Oct 28 2007

* Davis SC
Brane world cosmic string interaction
Physics Letters B 645 (4): 323-325 Feb 15 2007

* Deng YJ, Garoni TM, Guo WA, Blöte HWJ, Sokal AD
Cluster simulations of loop models on two-dimensional lattices
Physical Review Letters 98 (12): 120601 Mar 23 2007

* Depken M, Lechman JB, Van Hecke M, Van Saarloos W, Grest GS
Stresses in smooth flows of dense granular media
EPL 78 (5): 58001 2007

* Ding CX, Deng YJ, Guo WA, Qian XF, Blöte HWJ
Geometric properties of two-dimensional O(n) loop configurations
Journal of Physics A 40 (13): 3305-3317 Mar 30 2007

* Dolcini F, Trauzettel B, Safi I, Grabert H
Negativity of the excess noise in a quantum wire capacitively coupled to a gate
Physical Review B 75 (4): 045332 Jan 2007

* Ellenbroek WG, Snoeijer JH
Bounds on the shear load of cohesionless granular matter
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment : P01023 Jan 2007

* Emanuel M, Mohrbach H, Sayar M, Schiessel H, Kulic IM
Buckling of stiff polymers: Influence of thermal fluctuations
Physical Review E 76 (6): 061907 Part 1 Dec 2007

* Esole M, Sousa K
Half-BPS cosmic string in N=2 supergravity in the presence of a dilaton
Journal of High Energy Physics (3): 079 Mar 2007

* Giovannetti G, Khomyakov PA, Brocks G, Kelly PJ, van den Brink J
Substrate-induced band gap in graphene on hexagonal boron nitride: Ab initio density functional calculations
Physical Review B 76 (7): 073103 Aug 2007

* Karpan VM, Giovannetti G, Khomyakov PA, Talanana M, Starikov AA, Zwierzycki M, van den Brink J, Brocks G, Kelly PJ
Graphite and graphene as perfect spin filters
Physical Review Letters 99 (17): 176602 Oct 26 2007

* Krüger F
Is deconfined quantum criticality in frustrated antiferromagnets ruled out by generic fluctuation induced first order behavior?
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 20 (7-8): 575-578 Nov 2007

* Krüger F, Wilson SD, Shan L, Li SL, Huang Y, Wen HH, Zhang SC, Dai PC, Zaanen J
Magnetic fluctuations in n-type high-T-c superconductors reveal breakdown of fermiology: Experiments and Fermi-liquid/RPA calculations
Physical Review B 76 (9): 094506 Sep 2007

* Kulic IM, Mohrbach H, Thaokar R, Schiessel H
Equation of state of looped DNA
Physical Review E 75 (1): 011913 Part 1 Jan 2007

* Levin Y
Starbursts near supermassive black holes: young stars in the Galactic Centre, and gravitational waves in LISA band
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 374 (2): 515-524 Jan 11 2007

* Ludwig T
Andreev reflection in bilayer graphene
Physical Review B 75 (19): 195322 May 2007

* Mannella N, Yang WL, Tanaka K, Zhou XJ, Zheng H, Mitchell JF, Zaanen J, Devereaux TP, Nagaosa N, Hussain Z, Shen ZX
Polaron coherence condensation as the mechanism for colossal magnetoresistance in layered manganites
Physical Review B 76 (23): 233102 Dec 2007

* Morozov AN, van Saarloos W
An introductory essay on subcritical instabilities and the transition to turbulence in visco-elastic parallel shear flows
Physics Reports-Review Section of Physics Letters 447 (3-6): 112-143 Aug 2007

* Mukhin SI, Mesaros A, Zaanen J, Kusmartsev FV
Enhanced electronic polarizability of metallic stripes and the universality of the bond-stretching phonon anomaly in high-temperature cuprate superconductors
Physical Review B 76 (17): 174521 Nov 2007

* Ossipov A, Titov M, Beenakker CWJ
Reentrance effect in a graphene n-p-n junction coupled to a superconductor
Physical Review B 75 (24): 241401 Jun 2007

* Panja D, Barkema GT, Ball RC
Anomalous dynamics of unbiased polymer translocation through a narrow pore
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 19 (43): 432202 Oct 31 2007

* Ravindran V, Smith J, van Neerven WL
QCD threshold corrections to di-lepton and Higgs rapidity distributions beyond (NLO)-L-2
Nuclear Physics B 767 (1-2): 100-129 Apr 2 2007

* Recher P, Trauzettel B, Rycerz A, Blanter YM, Beenakker CWJ, Morpurgo AF
Aharonov-Bohm effect and broken valley degeneracy in graphene rings
Physical Review B 76 (23): 235404 Dec 2007

* Rusu PC, Giovannetti G, Brocks G
Dipole formation at interfaces of alkanethiolate self-assembled monolayers and Ag(111)
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (39): 14448-14456 Oct 4 2007

* Rycerz A, Tworzydlo J, Beenakker CWJ
Valley filter and valley valve in graphene
Nature Physics 3 (3): 172-175 Mar 2007

* Rycerz A, Tworzydlo J, Beenakker CWJ
Anomalously large conductance fluctuations in weakly disordered graphene
EPL 79 (5): 57003 2007

* Sepkhanov RA, Bazaliy YB, Beenakker CWJ
Extremal transmission at the Dirac point of a photonic band structure
Physical Review A 75 (6): 063813 Jun 2007

* Shundyak K, van Hecke M, van Saarloos W
Force mobilization and generalized isostaticity in jammed packings of frictional grains
Physical Review E 75 (1): 010301 Part 1 Jan 2007

* Silvestrov PG, Ponomarev IV
Chaos beyond linearized stability analysis: Folding of the phase space and distribution of Lyapunov exponents
Physics Letters A 365 (4): 290-294 Jun 4 2007

* Snyman I, Beenakker CWJ
Ballistic transmission through a graphene bilayer
Physical Review B 75 (4): 045322 Jan 2007

* Snyman I, Nazarov YV
Polarization of a charge qubit strongly coupled to a voltage-driven quantum point contact
Physical Review Letters 99 (9): 096802 Aug 31 2007

* Somfai E, van Hecke M, Ellenbroek WG, Shundyak K, van Saarloos W
Critical and noncritical jamming of frictional grains
Physical Review E 75 (2): 020301 Part 1 Feb 2007

* Thaokar RM, Schiessel H, Kulic IM
Hydrodynamics of a rotating torus
European Physical Journal B 60 (3): 325-336 Dec 2007

* Titov M, Ossipov A, Beenakker CWJ
Excitation gap of a graphene channel with superconducting boundaries
Physical Review B 75 (4): 045417 Jan 2007

* Trauzettel B, Blanter YM, Morpurgo AF
Photon-assisted electron transport in graphene: Scattering theory analysis
Physical Review B 75 (3): 035305 Jan 2007

* Tsymbal LT, Bazaliy YB, Derkachenko VN, Kamenev VI, Kakazei GN, Palomares FJ, Wigen PE
Magnetic and structural properties of spin-reorientation transitions in orthoferrites
Journal of Applied Physics 101 (12): 123919 Jun 15 2007

* Tworzydlo J, Snyman I, Akhmerov AR, Beenakker CWJ
Valley-isospin dependence of the quantum Hall effect in a graphene p-n junction
Physical Review B 76 (3): 035411 Jul 2007

* Umrigar CJ, Toulouse J, Filippi C, Sorella S, Hennig RG
Alleviation of the fermion-sign problem by optimization of many-body wave functions
Physical Review Letters 98 (11): 110201 Mar 16 2007

* van den Brink J
The theory of indirect resonant inelastic X-ray scattering on magnons
EPL 80 (4): 47003 2007

* van den Brink J
Graphene - From strength to strength
Nature Nanotechnology 2 (4): 199-201 Apr 2007

* van den Brink J, Morpurgo AF
Materials science - Magnetic blue
Nature 450 (7167): 177-178 Nov 8 2007

* Van den Brink J, Snyman I
Advancing science in Africa
Nature Materials 6 (11): 792-793 Nov 2007

* van Eerd ART, Ellenbroek WG, van Hecke M, Snoeijer JH, Vlugt TJH
Tail of the contact force distribution in static granular materials
Physical Review E 75 (6): 060302 Part 1 Jun 2007

* van Wezel J, van den Brink J
Spontaneous symmetry breaking in quantum mechanics
American Journal of Physics 75 (7): 635-638 Jul 2007

* van Wezel J, van den Brink J
Limit to manipulation of qubits due to spontaneous symmetry breaking
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 310 (2): E503-E505 Part 2 Mar 2007

* Yevtushenko O, Ossipov A
A supersymmetry approach to almost diagonal random matrices
Journal of Physics A 40 (18): 4691-4716 May 4 2007

* Zaanen J,
Theoretical physics - A black hole full of answers
Nature 448 (7157): 1000-1001 Aug 30 2007

* Zijlstra EB, van Neerven WL
Order alpha_s^2 corrections to the polarized structure function g_1(x,Q^2) (Nucl. Phys. B vol 417, 61, 1994)
Nuclear Physics B 773 (1-2): 105-106 Jun 25 2007

*Meevasana W, Zhou XJ, Sahrakorpi S, Lee WS, Yang WL, Tanaka K, Mannella N, Yoshida T, Lu DH, Chen YL, He RH, Lin H, Komiya S, Ando Y, Zhou F, Ti WX, Xiong JW, Zhao ZX, Sasagawa T, Kakeshita T, Fujita K, Uchida S, Eisaki H, Fujimori A, Hussain Z, Markiewicz RS, Bansil A, Nagaosa N, Zaanen J, Devereaux TP, Shen ZX
Hierarchy of multiple many-body interaction scales in high-temperature superconductors
Physical Review B 75 (17): 174506 May 2007

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