Physics dissertations from Leiden University since 1975

The first four centuries of Leiden physics thesis are listed elsewhere. Here we continue from 1976 until 2005.
Additions/corrections are welcome!

We keep a hard-copy collection of the theses in our Institute, some are still missing, as listed here. It would be wonderful if someone has a copy for us...

1976 Baas, Ferdinand
Optical studies on transport phenomena in gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & H.F.P. Knaap

1976 Boots, Henri Marie Joseph
On the theory of multiple scattering
promotor: P. Mazur

1976 Bosman, Johannes Joseph
Polarized neutron capture in polarized 59Co and 165Ho nuclei
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1976 Ditzhuyzen, P.G. van
The viscomagnetic effect of some linear and symmetric top molecules
promotor: H.F.P. Knaap

1976 Dongen, Eduard Johan van
On the theory of one-dimensional spin 1/2 systems
promotor: H.W. Capel

1976 Gorkom, Henri Johan van
Primary reactants in system 2 of photosynthesis : spectroscopy in subchloroplast fragments
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens & J. Amesz

1976 Hafkenscheid, L.M.
On the dielectric properties of molecular crystals
promotor: P. Mazur

1976 Hoogstraate, Hendrik
Cross-relaxation and spin thermodynamics in some diluted copper tutton salts
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1976 Ingen Schenau, A.D. van
Crystallographic methods applied to coordination compounds
promotor: C. Romers

1976 Konter, Jacobus Antonius
Nuclear demagnetisation and brute force polarisation
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1976 Kroese, Cornelis Johannes
On the cooperative Jahn-Teller effect in the hexagonal perovskite (2L) structure : a phase transition in CsCuCl_3
promotor: J. Amesz

1976 Lijphart, Enno Ebels
Experiments in paramagnetic relaxation
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1976 Pennings, Nicolaas Hendrikus
The Leiden dilution refrigerator
promotor: K.W. Taconis & R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1976 Ruijsenaars, Simon Norbertus Maria
Quantum theory of relativistic charged particles in external fields
promotor: J.A.M. Cox

1976 Schoep, Gerhardus Klasinus
A spin echo study of A15 intermetallic compounds
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1976 Steenwijk, Frank Jurriën van
Spin polarization in rare earth intermetallic compounds : a Mössbauer study using the 21.64 KeV resonance of 151-europium and the 86.54 KeV resonance of 155-gadolinium
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1976 Veen, Eric Hein van
Direct and resonance excitation of molocules by low-energy (0-30 eV) electron-impact spectroscopy
promotor: H.H. Brongersma

1976 Velthuys, Bruno Rudolf
Charge accumulation and recombination in system 2 of photosynthesis
promotor: J. Amesz

1976 Vergragt, Ph.J
The triplet state of benzene, toluene and p-xylene : an investigation by Microwave Induced Delayed Phosphorescence and ESR
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1976 Voogt, Willem Jacobus Pieter de
Experiments on phonon pulses and second sound in dilute 3He-4He mixtures
promotor: H.C. Kramers

1976 Zweers, Aart Evert
Methyl group rotation and nuclear relaxation at low temperatures
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1976 Zweers, Hans Albert
Specific heat investigations of Pd Mn, Pd Gd and Pd Dy: magnetic ordering and crystal-field splitting
promotor: G.J. van den Berg

1977 Algra, Hendrikus Ale
Experimental study on magnetic model systems at very low temperatures
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1977 Best, Jasper Anton van
Studies on primary reactions of system 2 of photosynthesis by means of luminescence and fluorescence : techniques for the measurement of luminescence in the (sub) microsecond range
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens

1977 Botter, Barend Jan
Dynamics of triplet excitation in organic crystals : an investigation using electron spin-echo techniques
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1977 Burgemeister, Eduard Anton
An experimental study of the thermodynamics of superconducting niobium
promotor: D. de Klerk

1977 Damme, Karel Jan van
Beschrijving van twee absolute methoden voor het bepalen van een hoeveelheid ruimtelijk verdeelde radioactiviteit
promotor: J.H. Mellink

1977 Dezentje, Ronald Francis Raymond
Calculations on the optical activity of α-dions induced by isotopic substitution
promotor: J.J.C. Mulder

1977 Dijk, Jan Daniël Pieter van
Ion-vortex ring complexes in liquid He-II
promotor: H.C. Kramers

1977 Eggermont, Guido Eugene Joseph
Transport phenomena in rarefied polyatomic gases in a magnetic field
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & H.F.P. Knaap

1977 Eid, Mohammed Ibrahim Ali
Isotherms in ionexchange as obtained from break through curves
promotor: H.J. de Jong

1977 Groenen, Edgar Jozef Joannes
Charge transfer transitions in organic molecules : a study by electro-optical, absorption and luminescence spectroscopy
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1977 Haan, Gerrit Albertus den
Chlorophyll-a fluorescence as a monitor for rapid reactions in system 2 of photosynthesis
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens

1977 Haas, Matthijs Pieter de
The measurement of electrical conductance in irradiated dielectric liquids with nanosecond time resolution : determination of the mobilities of the excess electron, the migrating positive charge and molecular ions in cyclohexane
promotor: A. Hummel

1977 Henkens, L.S.J.M
Static and dynamic behaviour of antiferromagnetic linear chains
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1977 Hof, Cornelis Adrianus van 't
Spin coherence in phosphorescent triplet states
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1977 Hoogervorst, Clemens Jacobus Petrus
Non-stationary diffusion through membranes
promotor: A.J. Staverman

1977 Jansen, Geertje
Porphyrins in Shpolskii hosts
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1977 Lengkeek, Henri Pieter
The AuGa2 dilemma optical properties
promotor: G.J. van den Berg

1977 Linse, Cornelis Adrianus
The total cross section as a function of energy for elastic scattering of noble gas atoms
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & C.J.N. van den Meijdenberg

1977 Maas, Johannes Aloysius Stanislaus
Ladingsverdeling in carbanionen : een experimentele benadering door middel van 1H NMR spectroscopie
promotor: H. Kloosterziel

1977 Möhlmann, Gustaaf Ronald
Radiation produced by electrons incident on molecules
promotor: J. Kistemaker

1977 Noort, Henricus Leonardus van
Spin dynamics of some 1- and 3-threedimensional manganese compounds
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1977 Plug, Cornelis Maarten
Crystal chemistry and magnetic properties of ternary rare earth sulphides
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1977 Romijn, Johannes Cornelis
Light-induced electron transport in reaction centers of purple bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1977 Schriever, Jacob
A nuclear magnetic relaxation study on internal motion of polyelectrolytes in solution
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1977 Spelbos, Antonius Henricus
Supplemented gas electron diffraction studies : molecular structure investigated by electron diffraction in combination with other techniques
promotor: C. Romers

1977 Visser, Andries Govert
Angular momentum alignment in molecular beams as studied by laser-induced fluorescence
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1977 Wulffers, Louis Antoine Guillaume Marie
The influence of the composition on the electronic properties of A-15 compounds
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1977 Zelfde, Pieter van 't
On the phase equilibira of the condensed mixtures of Ar-CH4 and NeH2
promotor: K.W. Taconis

1978 Bevaart, Leendert
Some neutron scattering studies on magnetic and molecular phase transitions
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp & J.A. Goedkoop

1978 Bilt, Andries van der
Investigations on paramagnetic relaxation and on the differential susceptibility of magnetically ordered systems
promotor: D. de Klerk & W.J. Huiskamp

1978 Boel, Richard John
On certain relations between spin correlation functions of ising models
promotor: P.W. Kasteleyn

1978 Eijndhoven, José van
On the relation between Jahn-Teller ordering and charge ordering : the connection between the structures of KCu''F3 and Cs2Au'Au'''Cl6
promotor: W.J.A. Maaskant

1978 Grondelle, Rienk van
A study on primary and cytochrome reactions in bacterial photosynthesis
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens

1978 Hart, Andreas Wilhelmus Adrianus van der
Czochralski crystal growth : a model and t.v. pyrometric investigations
promotor: G.J. van den Berg

1978 Hooft, G.W. 't
Thermal diffusion and Dufour effect for gases in external fields
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & H.F.P. Knaap

1978 Hout, K.D. van den
Collisional broadening of depolarized spectral lines of hydrogen gases at low temperatures
promotor: H.F.P. Knaap

1978 Kielman-van Luijt, Elisabeth Cornelia Maria
Magneto optical and linear polarization studies of metalloporphins
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1978 Kooter, Johannes Antonius
The lowest triplet state of some metal porphins : a study by ESR and Zeeman spectroscopy
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1978 Kuijers, Fred Johan
Auger electron spectroscopy of alloys
promotor: V. Ponec

1978 Langendam, Peter  
Free-free radiative transitions of electron-atom systems
promotor: J. Kistemaker

1978 Mulderije, Jan Johannes Hendricus
Studies in ultracentrifugation and diffusion of random coil polymers
promotor: A.J. Staverman

1978 Pulles, M.P.J
Electron transport in system two of photosynthesis
promotor: J. Amesz

1978 Schadee, Robert Arthur
Quantum beats in phosphorescence
promotor: J.H. van der Waals & J. Schmidt

1978 Thijsse, B.J
Molecular structure and nonequilibrium polarizations : recent experiments on polar gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & H.F.P. Knaap

1978 Zwolle, Simon
Concentration dependence of the dielectric properties of elongated charged particles in aqueous solution
promotor: M. Mandel

1979 Boog, Aloysius Gerardus Maria van der
Some applications of second sound in liquid helium
promotor: H.C. Kramers

1979 Codeé, Hans Dirk Krijn
Aangeslagen toestanden van enige verzadigde cyclische koolwaterstoffen in de vloeistoffase gevormd onder invloed van hoog-energetische straling
promotor: A. Hummel

1979 Delheij, Peter Paulus Josephus
Radiative capture of polarized neutrons by aluminium and manganese nuclei
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp & J.A. Goedkoop

1979 Diederix, Kenneth Michael
Magnetic properties of singlet ground state systems
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1979 Douma, Bindert Sjoerd
The velocity distribution in a heat conducting gas
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & H.F.P. Knaap

1979 Gevers, Arthur
Nuclear magnetic relaxation in A-15 compounds in the normal and superconducting state
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1979 Haas, J.B.M. de
Radiative capture of polarized neutrons in 51V and 141Pr nuclei
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1979 Hartoog, Alfred
Superfluid helium in very long tubes
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & K.W. Taconis

1979 Houten, Jan van
A study of nuclear relaxation to the electron non-Zeeman system
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1979 Hunik, Rudolf
Two-stage nuclear refrigeration with enhanced nuclear moments
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1979 IJsselstein, Rob
Combined measurements on stationary flow of helium II
promotor: H.C. Kramers

1979 Looyestijn, Wilhelmus Johannes
Hyperfine and exchange interactions in the M2CuX4. 2H20 compounds
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1979 Ouden, Leendert Willem Jan den
Separable many-particle interactions and stability of critical behaviour
promotor: H.W. Capel

1979 Peeters, Franciscus Alphonsus Henricus
Effecten der hydrodynamische wisselwerking tussen homologe macromoleculen in verdunde oplossing
promotor: A.J. Staverman

1979 Perk, Jacques Herman Henri
Time-dependent correlations in the one-dimensional XY-model
promotor: H.W. Capel

1979 Reinalda, Donald
Infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy
promotor: V. Ponec

1979 Rutten, Willem Lodewijk Christiaan
Static and dynamic behaviour of some ferromagnets : dynamic susceptibility experiments on three-dimensional and two-dimensional Heisenberg Cu2+ systems
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1979 Samahy, Ahmed Ez-Elarab Abdel-Aziz el
Thermometry between 0.5 K and 30 K : measurements related to the "1976 provisional 0.5 K to 30 K temperature scale"
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1979 Smit, J.J
Magnetic measurements on transition metal compounds and dilute alloys in high magnetic fields
promotor: D. de Klerk & W.J. Huiskamp

1979 Verbeek, Bastiaan Hendrik
An experimental study of the magnetic ordering in Pd-based Fe and Mn alloys
promotor: J.A. Mydosh & J.A. Goedkoop

1979 Verbeek, Pieter Johan Frans
Spin-lattice relaxation in phosphorescent triplet state molecules
promotor: J. Schmidt

1979 Weijenbergh, Paulus Gijsbertus Petrus
Transverse effects due to vortex motion in superconductors
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & K.W. Taconis

1980 Bloemen, Ewald Willem Peter
Outer-shell transitions in collisions between multiply charged ions and atoms
promotor: J. Kistemaker

1980 Crama, Willem Jacobus
On the cooperative Jahn-Teller effect in ternary chromium (II) and copper (II) halides
promotor: W.J.A. Maaskant

1980 Cremers, Alphonsus Franciscus Marie
Electron image reconstruction of helical protein assemblies
promotor: A. Rörsch

1980 Dokter, Hendrik Daniël
ESR investigations of some rare earth pseudo binary intermetallic compounds
promotor: J.A. Mydosh & N.J. Poulis

1980 Enthoven, Nicolaas Leonardus Maria
Een bijdrage aan het reologisch onderzoek van polymeeroplossingen
promotor: A.J. Staverman

1980 Fransen, Ruud
Investigations on the photochemistry of vision : preparation and photolysis of some deuterium labelled rhodopsin analogues
promotor: E. Havinga

1980 Grooth, B.G. de
Optical and electrical studies on the organization of the photosynthetic membrane
promotor: J. Amesz

1980 Holten, J.W. van
On the construction of supergravity theories
promotor: F.A. Berends

1980 Jongste, Herman Christiaan de
Reactions of hydrocarbons on Pt and Pt/Cu alloys
promotor: V. Ponec

1980 Le Fever, Hans Theo
A Mössbauer study on some low-dimensional magnetic compounds
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1980 Onderwaater, Jacobus
Magnetic resonance investigations of some two-dimensional manganese compounds
promotor: J. van den Handel & N.J. Poulis

1980 Rademaker, Hendrik
Magnetic field effects on primary and associated reactions of bacterial photosynthesis
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens

1980 Rijgersberg, Cornelis Petrus
Fluorescence and photochemistry at low temperatures in photosynthetic systems
promotor: J. Amesz

1980 Sprang, Hendrik Adrianus van
Photon emission induced by impact of electrons on molecules
promotor: H.H. Brongersma

1980 Verbeek, Hendrik Johannes
Persistent flow and third-sound waves in the He-II film
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & K.W. Taconis

1980 Verhaart, Gerardus Johannes
Excitation and dissociation of molecules by low-energy (0-15 eV) electrons
promotor: H.H. Brongersma

1980 Vreugd, Cornelis de
Electron detachment in ion-atom collisions
promotor: J. Kistemaker

1980 Zwan, Gerrit van der
On some aspects of fluctuating hydrodynamics
promotor: P. Mazur

1981 Adel, Hendrik den
Methyl group rotation in crystals at low temperatures
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1981 Brandt, Bernardus van den
The construction of a Pomeranchuk cell driven by a 4He-circulating dilution refrigerator and some related experiments
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & K.W. Taconis & G. Frossati

1981 Dijk, Nicolaas van
The metastable states of copper porphin and platinum porphin
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1981 Ende, C.A.M. van den
Charged species in dielectric liquids generated by high energy radiation
promotor: A. Hummel

1981 Gielen, Johannes Wilhelmus Jozef
The photochemistry of vitamin D and related conjugated trienes : conformation and wavelength effects
promotor: E. Havinga

1981 Groenendijk, Hendericus Anthonius
Differential susceptibility studies of some weak ferromagnets
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1981 Haasnoot, Cornelis Albert Gruson
Nuclear magnetic resonance in conformational analysis of bio-organic molecules
promotor: C. Altona

1981 Hilhorst-Goldman, Danielle
On some nonlinear problems arising in the physics of ionized gases
promotor: L.A. Peletier

1981 Keus, Hans Eduard
Nuclear orientation of rare earth impurities in ferromagnetic host metals
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1981 Mazur, Eric
The structure of non-equilibrium angular momentum polarizations in polyatomic gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1981 Noort, Henricus Maria van
The metastable triplet state of aniline and zinc porphin
promotor: J.H. van der Waals & J. Schmidt

1981 Oudeman, Pieter
Birefringence in non-uniform gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1981 Platenkamp, Roelof Jan
Porphyrins and flavins : high resolution optical spectroscopy and quantum chemical studies
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1981 Poot, Jacob
Pulsed endor experiments on diluted copper tutton salts
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1981 Slegtenhorst, Ronald Petrus
On the flow of helium II under the influence of a heat current
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & K.W. Taconis

1981 Sonneveld, Arie
Primary photochemistry and energy transfer in photosystems I and II of photosynthesis : effects of magnetic field and temperature on submicrosecond chlorophyll a emission
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens

1981 Strien, Adriaan Jasper van
Triplet exciton dynamics : an investigation using electron spin echo techniques combined with laser flash excitation
promotor: J. Schmidt

1981 Thielen, Antonius Petrus Gerardus Marie
Functional and structural studies on system II of photosynthesis
promotor: J. Amesz

1981 Velzen, Petrus Nicolaas Theodorus van
Photodissociation of ions trapped in an ion cyclotron resonance spectrometer
promotor: H.H. Brongersma

1981 Zandbergen, H.W
On ternary iodides : structural and magnetic properties
promotor: J. Reedijk

1982 Biesen, Johannes Josephus Henricus van den
The total collision cross section in the glory region
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & C.J.N. van den Meydenberg

1982 Breunese, Jaap N.
Some transport phenomena in dilute and rarefied polyatomic gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1982 Dicker, Antonius Ignatius Maria
High resolution spectroscopy of porphins via photochemical hole-burning
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1982 Dongen, Johannes Cornelis Maria van
Magnetic and superconducting order in some random pseudobinary compounds
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1982 Gast, Peter
Electron spin polarization of primary reactants in photosynthesis
promotor: J. Amesz

1982 Graaf, Hendrik de
Charge and spin density in S-state rare earth intermetallic compounds
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1982 Greidanus, Franciscus Johannes Antonius Maria
An experimental study of praseodymium intermetallic compounds at low temperatures
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1982 Groen, Johannes Petrus
Proton relaxation and the dynamics of the S=1/2 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain
promotor: N.J. Poulis & H.W. Capel

1982 Hermans, Peter Willem
The influence of collisions with noble gases on spectral lines of hydrogen isotopes
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1982 Kleiss, Ronald
Monte Carlo simulation of radiative processes in electron-positron scattering
promotor: F.A. Berends

1982 Labrujere, Jacobus
The dynamic behaviour of a three-dimensional S = 1/2 Heisenberg ferromagnet
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1982 Mulder, Cees A.M.
Cooperative phenomena in manganese spin systems at low temperatures
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1982 Nonhof, Cornelis Jacobus
A search for interference phenomena in intersystem crossing and phosphorescence
promotor: J. Schmidt

1982 Plantenga, Frans Lodewijk
Relaxation and reaction of electronically excited 3,5-dinitroanisole : pico- and nanosecond kinetic spectroscopic investigations
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1982 Saarloos, W. van
On non-linear hydrodynamic fluctuations
promotor: P. Mazur

1982 Schippers, Peter Henri
Spectroscopy with circularly polarized light barriers and distortions in 1n pi excited ketones
promotor: H.H. Brongersma

1982 Steijger, Josephus Johannes Maria
Neutron scattering studies on phase transitions in (CD3ND3)2CuC14 and MnC12.4H2O
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1982 Swarthoff, Ton
The photosynthetic apparatus of a green bacterium
promotor: J. Amesz

1982 Veenendaal, Egbert Johan
Enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance in a non-magnetic cubic doublet : a study performed with a 4He-circulating dilution refrigerator
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1983 Bannink, Gerrit
On the disappearance of superfluidity in helium films
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1983 Bergshoeff, Erik A
Conformal invariance in supergravity
promotor: F.A. Berends

1983 Blanken, Hubertus Johannes den
Chlorophyll triplet states : an optical-microwave double-resonance study of photosynthetic reaction centers and chlorophylls in glasses
promotor: J. Schmidt & A. Hoff

1983 Husson, Leonardus Paul Johannes
Heat pulses in dilute 3He-4He mixtures
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & H.C. Kramers

1983 Kingma, H
Redox states of the reaction center in relation to energy transfer and mechanism of carotenoid triplet formation in photosynthetic bacteria : effects of magnetic fields
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens

1983 Klinkhamer, F.R
Physics of the early universe : applications of theories of elementary particles to cosmology at very high temperatures
promotor: F.A. Berends & H. van der Laan

1983 Koene, Rudolf Sjoerd
Concentration effects in aqueous polyelectrolyte solutions, quasi-elastic light scattering and osmotic pressure experiments
promotor: M. Mandel

1983 Lankhorst, Dirk
A nuclear magnetic relaxation study of hydrogen exchange and water dynamics in aqueous systems
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1983 Leeuw, F.A.A.M. de
NMR spin-spin coupling constants in conformational analysis of bio-organic molecules
promotor: C. Altona

1983 Mennenga, Geert
A study of magnetic ordering phenomena in pure and diluted 3d and 4f ionic compounds at low temperatures
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1983 Odijk, T
On the statistical physics of polyelectrolytes in solution
promotor: M. Mandel

1983 Quispel, Gilles Reinout Willem
Linear integral equations and soliton systems
promotor: H.W. Capel

1983 Reisen, Johannes Cornelis Jacobus Maria van
Topics in phase-shift analysis and higher spin field theory
promotor: F.A. Berends

1983 Steur, Petrus Paulus Maria
Determination of temperatures between 4K and 100K with a gas thermometer
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1983 Toolenaar, Frank
Geometric and electronic effects in the infrared spectra of adsorbed carbon monoxide
promotor: V. Ponec

1983 Veling, Eduardus Josephus Martinus
Transport by diffusion
promotor: L.A. Peletier

1983 Vos, Gerrit
Structures and magnetic properties of coordination compounds containing 4-substituted 1,2,4-triazoles
promotor: J. Reedijk

1983 Zielińska, Barbara Józefa Anna
On some hydrodynamic and optical properties of a fluctuating fluid surface
promotor: P. Mazur

1984 Beenakker, Carlo Willem Joannes
On transport properties of concentrated suspensions
promotor: P. Mazur

1984 Berg, F.G. van den
Nuclear orientation experiments on the magnetic moments of europium and gadolinium nuclei
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1984 Haas, Laurens Johan de
Magnetic resonance saturation and relaxation at low temperatures
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1984 Haring, Rudolf Adriaan
Chemical sputtering : induced by keV ion bombardment
promotor: J. Kistemaker

1984 Hoekstra, Frank Remco
Electron spin resonance in spin-glasses : comparison with hydrodynamic theories
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1984 Hoogerbeets, Rombout
Magnetic properties of three quasi one-dimensional ferromagnets
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1984 Houten, Henk van
Experiments on non-equilibrium angular momentum polarizations in gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1984 Hüser, Detlev
Magnetic ordering at low temperatures in some random superconducting and insulating compounds
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1984 Kooten, Johan Frank Cornelis van
Dynamical properties of delocalized triplet excitations in molecular crystals
promotor: J. Schmidt

1984 Kramer, Herman
Structural aspects of energy transfer in photosynthesis
promotor: J. Amesz

1984 Lankhorst, Peter Philip
Carbon-13 and proton NMR studies of RNA and DNA constituents
promotor: C. Altona

1984 Meij, Govert Pieter van der
Flux pinning by voids in surface-oxidized superconducting niobium and vanadium
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1984 Mulder, Cornelis Willem Reinier
A magnetic relaxation study on anisotropic reorientation in aqueous polyelectrolyte solutions
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1984 Nijhoff, F.W
Separable interactions and liquid 3HE
promotor: H.W. Capel

1984 Poel, Willibrordus Adrianus Johannes Antonius van der
An ESR and ENDOR study of the lowest metastable triplet states of porphins and K2Cr2O7 : evidence for lowering of symmetry on electronic excitation
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1984 Sprenkels, Jacobus Cornelis Maria
Nuclear dipolar magnetic ordering of the proton spins in calcium hydroxide
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1984 Suijker, Joseph Leonardus Gregorius
Kinetics of photophysical and photochemical processes of electronically excited hexafluorobenzene : a study by picosecond laser spectroscopy
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1984 Vries, Johan Willem Cornelis de
The Mössbauer isomer shift in intermetallic compounds of europium and gadolinium
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1984 Wijmenga, Sybren
Electric birefringence experiments on aqueous polyelectrolyte salt solutions : influence of concentration and flexibility
promotor: M. Mandel

1985 Bos, Frans Cornelis
The triplet state of pyridine and anthracene/tetracyanobenzene charge transfer complexes
promotor: J. Schmidt

1985 Broekhoven, Emanuel Hermanus van
Hydrocarbon reactions on metals : multiple bond formation, carbonaceous layers and particle size effects
promotor: V. Ponec

1985 Burgers, Gerrit
On the construction of field theories for higher spin massless particles
promotor: F.A. Berends

1985 Daverveldt, Piet-Hein
Monte Carlo simulation of two-photon processes
promotor: F.A. Berends

1985 Dekker, Jan Piet
Electron transfer in the oxygen-evolving system of photosynthesis
promotor: J. Amesz

1985 Hijmans, Thomas Willem
3-d ordering in 1-d magnetic systems : experimental studies of spin-Peierls and metamagnetic phase transitions
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1985 Hollander, Frank den
Random walks on random lattices
promotor: P.W. Kasteleyn

1985 Kesteren, Hans Willem van
Microwave induced optical nuclear polarization
promotor: J. Schmidt & N.J. Poulis

1985 Marks, Johannes
Nuclear dipolar magnetism around one microkelvin in calciumhydroxide
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1985 Meiburg, Ronald Flip
Orientation of components and vectorial properties of photosynthetic reaction centers
promotor: J. Amesz

1985 Smits, Guido Freddy
Theoretical investigations on the nature of intramolecular interactions
promotor: C. Altona

1985 Thijssen, Hendrikus Petrus Helena
Relaxation processes in organic amorphous solids at low temperature : a study by optical hole-burning
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1985 Tol, J.J.G.M. van der
Non-equilibrium angular momentum polarization in Knudsen gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1985 Treffers, Menno Anne
Angular momentum alignment in molecular beam scattering
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1985 Weisenborn, Anton Jacobus
Drag on a sphere moving slowly along the axis of a rotating viscous fluid
promotor: P. Mazur

1985 Zeeuw, Hendricus Cornelis Maria van der
Specific-heat measurements on dilute 3He-4He mixtures
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1985 Zon, Clemens Maria Bernardus van der
Dynamic nuclear polarization and nuclear magnetic ordering of the proton spins in Ca(OH)2
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1986 Barendswaard, Willem
A search for metastable triplet states of d0 tetroxo anions : a study of VO3-/4, MoO2-/4 and Cr2O2-/7 by EPR with optical detection at low temperatures
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1986 Bos, Willibrordus Gerardus
The influence of indirect coupling between nuclear spins on the NMR line shape
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1986 Bosch, Benedict Ignatius Maria ten
On the kinetic theory of rarefied polyatomic gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker & I. Kuscer

1986 Brake, Johannes Hermanus Maria ter
On large-amplitude motion and the background in electron diffraction
promotor: A.P. Zuur

1986 Brok, Marius
EPR spectroscopy of photosynthetic reactants
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1986 Cadeé, Martin Caspar
New ferrites: crystallographic and magnetic properties
promotor: A.P. Zuur

1986 Goeje, Marius Pieter de
On second and fourth sound in helium II and their application as acoustical probes of superfluid turbulence
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & H.C. Kramers

1986 Groot, Alex de
Electron spin echo spectroscopy of photosynthetic systems
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1986 Groot, Huub J.M. de
Non-linear excitations in magnetic systems
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1986 Marees, Gerard
Transient phenomena and nonuniform superfluid turbulence in the flow of Helium II
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1986 Nuijs, Antonius Maarten
Excited states and primary charge separation in membrane fragments of photosynthetic organisms : a study by picosecond absorption spectroscopy
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens

1986 Palstra, Thomas Theodorus Marie
Magnetism, superconductivity and their interplay : a study of three novel intermetallic compounds : La(Fe,Al)13, UNiSn, URu2Si2
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1986 Rietmeijer, Frederik Johan
Structures and magnetic properties of some fluoro-bridged transition metal azole compounds
promotor: J. Reedijk

1986 Rijswijk, Willem van
Fluctuation and relaxation phenomena studied by means of nuclear orientation
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1986 Vasmel, Hendrik
The photosynthetic membrane of green bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1986 Veeken, Josephus Petrus Maria van der
The thermal conductivity of dirty type-II superconductors
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & D. de Klerk

1986 Velzen, Gerardus Dominicus Frederikus van
Nuclear magnetic ordering and paramagnetic relaxation of diatomic molecules in Ca(OH)2
promotor: W.Th. Wenkebach

1986 Vermeulen, Gerardus Arnoldus
An experimental setup for the study of polarized 3He and dilute 3He-4He mixtures
promotor: G. Frossati

1986 Voorhoeve, Johannes Cornelis
Static and dynamic behaviour of a quasi 1-D Heisenberg antiferromagnet in the long-range ordered state : a nuclear magnetic resonance study performed with a 3He-4He dilution refrigerator
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1987 Baalbergen, Johannes Jacobus
Dynamic behaviour of some disordered magnetic systems
promotor: N.J. Poulis

1987 Erkelens, Wilhelmus Adrianus Clemens
Elastic and inelastic neutron scattering studies on 3d and 4f magnetic compounds
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1987 Geigenmüller, Ulrich
On electric and magnetic properties of dispersions of spheres
promotor: P. Mazur

1987 Groeneveld, Cornelis Martinus
Spectroscopic investigations on structure and electron-transfer kinetics of blue-copper proteins : NMR, ESR and EXAFS studies of azurin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Alcaligenes denitrificans and a synthetic analog
promotor: J. Reedijk

1987 Haverkort, Jozef Everardus Maria
Light-induced drift of Na in noble gases : a realistic description
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1987 Lith, Dick van
Electron migration in hydrated biopolymers following pulsed irradiation at low temperatures
promotor: A. Hummel

1987 Maarel, Johan Reginald Carl van der
Magnetic relaxation study on the structure and dynamics of water
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1987 Massalami Mohammed, Mohammed El
Relaxation studies on nonlinear excitations in pure and impure ising-type magnetic systems
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1987 Schlejen, Jaap
Spectroscopy of NaNa and NaHg diatomics in high pressure vapours
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1987 Sikkenk, Johannes Hendrikus
The effect of external fields on the liquid-vapour interface
promotor: J.M.J. van Leeuwen

1987 Vos, Marcel
Pigment organization and energy transfer in photosynthetic antenna systems : studies by means of excitation annihilation
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens & J. Amesz

1987 Wind, Maurits Matthijs
On the optical properties of rough surfaces and thin films
promotor: P. Mazur & D. Bedeaux

1987 Wördenweber, Roger
Collective-pinning properties of superconducting a-NbxGe and a-MoxSi films : observations of structural phase transitions in the flux-line lattice
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1988 Berg, Rob van den
Excited state dynamics of molecules and ions in organic glasses at low temperature : a study by optical hole-burning and high-resolution spectroscopy
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1988 Berkel, F.P.F. van
Ruthenates: phase relations structural and catalytic properties
promotor: A.P. Zuur

1988 Bobbert, Peter Arnold
On the optical properties of spheres and small spheroids on a substrate
promotor: D. Bedeaux

1988 Brocken, Marcus Gerardus Maria
Static and dynamic properties of very thin 4He films
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1988 Delft, Falco Cornelius Marinus Jacobus Maria van
Surface phenomena in binary systems : properties of Pt-Rh alloys
promotor: V. Ponec

1988 Deutz, Alexander Franciscus
Singlet ground state magnetism in thulium intermetallic compounds
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp & L.J. de Jongh

1988 Dorssen, Robert Jan van
Structure and function of light-harvesting complexes in photosynthesis
promotor: J. Amesz

1988 Fischer, A.E.M.J.
Silicides on silicon : thin-film reaction and interface structure
promotor: J.F. van der Veen

1988 Groeneveld, Lucas Rugier
Syntheses and properties of low-dimensional transition-metal coordination compounds : conductivity versus dimensionality
promotor: J. Reedijk

1988 Haije, W.G
The stability of helically deformed crystal structures : phase transitions and the phenomenon of structural resonance
promotor: W.J.A. Maaskant

1988 Hendrickx, Henricus Arnoldus Cornelis Maria
Adsorption and reactions of simple gases on Pd en Rh surfaces : a F.E.M. and I.R. study
promotor: V. Ponec

1988 Hoogen, Yvonne Theresia van den
NMR studies concerning base-base interactions in oligonucleotides : influence of uracil on the conformational behaviour
promotor: C. Altona

1988 Horne, Remko
On rotational polarization in non-equilibrium Knudsen gases
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1988 Jansen, Hans
Photon detection in ring imaging Cherenkov counters
promotor: A.N. Diddens

1988 Jongenelis, Adrianus Petrus Johannes Maria
Delocalized electronic and vibrational excitations in molecular crystals
promotor: J. Schmidt & A. van der Avoird

1988 Jousma, Harmen
A small angle X-ray scattering and freeze-fracture electron microscopy study of lyotropic mesophases
promotor: H.E. Junginger

1988 Kramer, G.J
On low-dimensional synthetic semiconductors
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp

1988 Labrujere, Adriaan Cornelis
An optically pumped F.I.R. laser study of GaAs:Si
promotor: W.Th. Wenkebach

1988 Linde, Frank
Charm production in two-photon collisions
promotor: A.N. Diddens

1988 Lous, Erik Jan
Interactions between pigments in photosynthetic protein complexes : an optically-detected magnetic resonance and magnetic field effect study
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1988 Oord, Rudolf Johannes van den
Optical studies on the distribution function in a heat conducting gas
promotor: J.J.M. Beenakker

1988 Plijter, Johannes Jozef
Photosystem II and the oxygen evolving complex
promotor: J. Amesz

1988 Pruijmboom, Armand
Critical-current-limiting mechanisms in type-II superconductors : a study of pin breaking and flux-line shear in thin films
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1988 Simons, Dirk Gozewinus
An imaging gas scintillation spectrometer for X-ray astronomy
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp & J. Bleeker

1988 Smit, Hubert Herman Antonius
Mössbauer studies of non-linear excitations and gold cluster compounds : an experimental investigation of non-linear excitations in Ising-like antiferromagnetic chain systems and of metal core atoms in polynuclear gold cluster compounds
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1988 Struis, Rudolf Paul Wilhelm Jozef
Some aspects of nuclear magnetic relaxation in aqueous electrolyte solutions
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1988 Wal, Hendrik Nico van der
The function of cytochromes in photosynthetic electron transport of purple bacteria
promotor: L.N.M. Duysens & J. Amesz

1988 Werij, Henri Gerard Cato
Light-induced drift of Na atoms
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1989 Beenakker, Wim J.P.
Electroweak corrections: techniques and applications
promotor: F.A. Berends

1989 Berg, Johannes van den
Investigations on the high-temperature superconductors : oxygen content, magnetism and flux pinning
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1989 Bol, Derk Willem
Magnetic flux transitions in a superconducting ring interrupted by a Josephson junction : thermal activation and macroscopic quantum tunneling
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1989 Buma, Wybren Jan
Vibronically induced structural changes in the lowest triplet state of benzene and pyridine : quantum-chemical calculations and Electron spin echo spectroscopy
promotor: J.H. van der Waals & J. Schmidt

1989 Coremans, Ineke
The metastable triplet states of 3d0 transition metal oxo-anions
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1989 Dijt, Francisca Joanne
Bio)chemical aspects of platinum-DNA interactions
promotor: J. Reedijk

1989 Dirkmaat, Auke Jan
Low-temperature properties of various magnetic compounds : from spin glasses to heavy-fermion systems
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1989 Dirksen, Peter
Nuclear orientation in silicon : DNP and MIONP
promotor: W.Th. Wenkebach

1989 Donders, Lambertus Andreas
Computation and analysis of NMR spin-spin interactions : dependency of vicinal proton coupling constants on torsion angle and substituent pattern
promotor: C. Altona

1989 Garderen, Carolina Jacoba van
A spectroscopic study on the conformational changes in DNA fragments upon binding of platinum compounds
promotor: J. Reedijk

1989 Giele, Walter Theo
Properties and calculations of multi parton processes
promotor: F.A. Berends

1989 Konijnenberg, Jan
Intramolecular and pseudo-intramolecular proton-transfer processes studied by time-resolved spectroscopy
promotor: G. Frossati

1989 Konuk, Hamide Rengin
Photoionization and photosubstitution of some aromatic compounds : fluorescence quenching in micelles
promotor: J. Cornelisse & S.P. McGlynn

1989 Kranenburg, Cornelis Christiaan
Experiments on polarized 3He : viscosity and equilibrium melting curves
promotor: G. Frossati

1989 Matsuura, Tsuyoshi
Higher order corrections to the Drell-Yan process
promotor: F.A. Berends

1989 Mennen, M.G
Some aspects of excluded volume problems in polymer solutions
promotor: M. Mandel

1989 Mudde, R.F
Thermal counterflow in 3He-4He mixtures
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1989 Pieters, Jane Margretha Lena
New aspects of DNA structures in solution : NMR studies and molecular dynamics of miniloops
promotor: C. Altona

1989 Rijn, C.J.M. van
Nuclear magnetic relaxation study on polyelectrolyte dynamics
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1989 Sassen, Nicolaas René Maria
Intermediates on Pd and Pd/CU surfaces studied with electron energy loss spectroscopy
promotor: V. Ponec

1989 Staveren, J.P.J. van
On the physical properties of polynuclear metal cluster compounds
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1989 Vurens, Gerardus Hubertus
Properties of oxide and alloy surfaces
promotor: G.A. Somorjai & V. Ponec

1989 Wiegers, Stef
On the study of highly polarized 3He at low temperatures
promotor: G. Frossati

1989 Wijnands, Paulus Engelbert Marie
The Jahn-Teller effect in crystals of hexacoordinated copper (II) complexes
promotor: W.J.A. Maaskant & J.S. Wood

1990 Denier van der Gon, Arnoud Willem
Surface melting: order and disorder at Al, Pb and Ge surfaces
promotor: J.F. van der Veen

1990 Evelo, Robertus Gerhardus
The structure of photosynthetic reaction centers explored by electron spin echoes
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1990 Groen, Wilhelm Albert
Bismuth- and thallium copper oxides: superconductivity and crystal structure
promotor: W.J.A. Maaskant

1990 Henstra, Alexander
The integrated solid effect
promotor: W.Th. Wenkebach

1990 Hoeven, Adriaan Johannes
Initial stages of silicon molecular beam epitaxy

1990 Hoogeveen, Ruud
Light-induced kinetic effects in molecular gases
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1990 Jurgens, Matheus Johannes Gosuinus Maria
Neutron scattering studies on the high Tc superconductor YBa2Cu3O6+x
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1990 Klarenbosch, Anton van
Shallow donors in n-GaAs : a FIR laser study
promotor: W.Th. Wenkebach

1990 Koper, G.J.M
On the dynamics of spin glasses : a theory of aging
promotor: H.J. Hilhorst

1990 Langerveld, Dirk
The technique of Cérenkov ring image detection
promotor: A.N. Diddens

1990 Linden, E. van der
Determination of the interfacial rigidity in microemulsions : using the Kerr effect
promotor: D. Bedeaux

1990 Nijmeijer, Marco J.P.
Simulation of fluid interfaces
promotor: J.M.J. van Leeuwen

1990 Pluis, Bart
Surface-induced melting of lead
promotor: J.F. van der Veen

1990 Slijkerman, Walter Fredericus Johannes
Semiconductor interface formation : Sb delta-doping layers in Si and metal-SiC contacts
promotor: J.F. van der Veen

1990 Steeman, R.A
Highly correlated electron systems : an experimental study of Ce- and U-intermetallic compounds and high-temperature superconductors
promotor: J.A. Mydosh & E. Frikkee

1990 Venema, Paul
On reaction-diffusion and diffusion processes in regular arrays of sinks or obstacles
promotor: D. Bedeaux

1990 Verheij, Peter
MIONP in molecular crystals at mm-wavelength
promotor: W.Th. Wenkebach

1990 Vos, Marten Hylke
Electrogenic electron transport in photosynthetic systems : studies of charge recombination induced by external electric fields
promotor: J. Amesz

1990 Weelderen, Rob van
Intrinsic fluctuations of the one dimensional superconducting state
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter & J.E. Mooij

1990 Wittgrefe, Frits
Light-induced drift of rubidium and spectral properties of semiconductor lasers
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1991 Beld, Casper Melchior Balthazar van den
Laser-induced fluorescence detection in high-performance liquid chromatography and its application in bioanalysis
promotor: J. van der Greef

1991 Berghuis, Peter
Investigations on thermal depinning of the vortex lattice in conventional and high-temperature superconductors : the appearance of resistivity in thin films of type-II superconductors
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1991 Brummelhuis, Marco Johannes Antonius Maria
Applications of random walk: tracer diffusion, lattice covering, and damage spreading
promotor: H.J. Hilhorst

1991 Deinum, Geurt
Excitation migration in photosynthetic antenna systems
promotor: J. Amesz & R. van Grondelle

1991 Dirken, Mark W.
A 155Gd Mössbauer study on the origin of the electric field gradient
promotor: W.J. Huiskamp & K.H.J. Buschow

1991 Donckers, Marcus Charles Johannes Marie
Optically-detected magnetic-resonance studies of bound excitons in semiconductors and the triplet state of diazabenzenes
promotor: J. Schmidt

1991 Haar, Peter George van de
A compact copper nuclear demagnetization cryostat and a search for superfluidity in solid 4He
promotor: G. Frossati

1991 Hamberg, Roelof
Second order gluonic contributions to physical quantities
promotor: F.A. Berends

1991 Hamel, Willem Alexander
Effect of outcoupling on the quantum-limited linewidth of a semiconductor laser
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1991 Kan, Paulus Jozef Maria van
Energy transfer and charge separation in photosynthetic systems at low temperature
promotor: J. Amesz

1991 Koelink, H.T
On quantum groups and q-special functions
promotor: G. van Dijk

1991 Kuijf, Johannes Gerardus Marinus
Multiparton production at hadron colliders
promotor: F.A. Berends

1991 Lignie, Marc de
Light-induced drift of alkali atoms with nonmonochromatic light
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1991 Liu, Ben-Li
The influence of co-factor modification on photosynthetic electron transport
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1991 Marck, Steven Cees van der
Higher order QED corrections in Z physics
promotor: F.A. Berends

1991 Ritt-Fischer, Monika Renate
Studies on the primary processes in bacterial photosynthesis
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1991 Ros, Marianne
Polyenals : electron-spin-echo spectroscopy and quantum-chemical calculations on the lowest triplet state
promotor: J. Schmidt

1991 Spreeuw, Robertus Johannes Cornelis
Optical atoms
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1991 Tas, Albert Cornelis
Mass spectrometric fingerprinting : soft ionization and pattern recognition
promotor: J. van der Greef

1991 Tol, Hans van
The study of luminescent centers by electron paramagnetic resonance with optical detection
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1991 Tromp, Robert Hans
Counter-ion dynamics in polyelectrolyte systems
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1991 Vrijmoeth, Johannes
Structure and Schottky barrier height of epitaxial silicide-silicon interfaces
promotor: J.F. van der Veen

1991 Wolff, Erwin de
Brownian motion of the magnetic flux in a superconducting ring interrupted by a weak link
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1992 Beek, Cornelis Jacominus van der
Flux pinning and creep in extremely anisotropic type II superconductors : magnetic properties of the mixed state in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d single crystals
promotor: P.H. Kes

1992 Blokhuis, Edgar Maurice
The liquid-vapour interface : optical properties and the effect of curvature
promotor: D. Bedeaux

1992 Bremer, Johan
Noise thermometry and the 3He melting curve below 1 K
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1992 Bukman, Dirk Jan
Pseudospin models of boson systems
promotor: J.M.J. van Leeuwen

1992 Centeno Neelen, Rick
Passive and active optical ring cavities
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1992 Dorp, René van
Applications of 2.45 GHz microwave irradiation in life sciences : lack of evidence for nonthermal microwave effects at temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 60 °C

1992 Endstra, Thomas
Electronic properties of some ternary intermetallic uranium compounds: UT2Ge2, UNi2Sn, U3T3(Sb,Sn)4
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1992 Enk, Steven Jacob van
Light as a thermodynamic force
promotor: G. Nienhuis

1992 Jacobs, Doreen
Crystallographic and magnetic properties of R2T17 compounds
promotor: L.J. de Jongh & K.H.J. Buschow

1992 Jalink, Cornelis Jojakim
Molecular dynamics in the picosecond time domain as revealed by photo-induced proton transfer
promotor: J. Cornelisse

1992 Kleinherenbrink, Frank
Trapping efficiencies and electron transfer in photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1992 Laan, Hans van der
Optical dephasing and energy transfer in disordered systems : a study by hole-burning of molecules adsorbed on porous silica glass and photosynthetic complexes
promotor: S.L. Völker

1992 Meent, Erik Jan van de
The antenna-reaction center complex of heliobacteria and of green sulfur bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1992 Meer, Geert Jan van der
Molecular collision processes studied by light-induced kinetic effects
promotor: G. Nienhuis & L.J.F. Hermans

1992 Muller, Christiaan Johan
An experimental study on mechanically controllable break junctions
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1992 Otte, Stephanus Cornelis Maria
Pigment systems of photosynthetic bacteria and photosystem II of green plants
promotor: J. Amesz

1992 Silfhout, Roelof Gozewijn van
Structure and morphology of static and growing Ge(111) surfaces
promotor: J.F. van der Veen

1992 Smits, Andreas Johannes
Transport properties of some high-temperature superconductors
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1992 Verheijen, Angelina Anna
On the mass of the charge carriers in moving conductors and superconductors
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1992 Zaag, Pieter Jan van der
Doped amorphous solids studied by transient and permanent hole-burning
promotor: S.L. Völker

1993 Baak, Jacob
Low-temperature specific heat studies on high-Tc superconductors and metal cluster compounds
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1993 Barmentlo, Maarten
Nonlinear optical studies on (liquid-)crystal surfaces
promotor: Q.H.F. Vrehen

1993 Benschop, Franciscus Johannes Maria
A nuclear resonance and structural study of superconducting lead containing oxides
promotor: W.J.A. Maaskant

1993 Bloemink, Hannelore Ingeborg
Light-induced drift of simple molecules and astrophysical implications
promotor: L.J.F. Hermans

1993 Chaudron, Frederik Theodoor
Jahn-Teller distortions of 3d0 transition metal oxo-anions : ab initio quantum-chemical calculations on MnO4-, CrO4-, CrO4.2-, VO4.3-, TiO5.6
promotor: J.H. van der Waals

1993 Draisma, Wilhelmus Antonius
Third sound in pure 4He and 3He-4He mixture films
promotor: G. Frossati

1993 Elout, Melchior Odin
On the Heisenberg model for two-dimensional magnetic systems and related topics
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1993 Eulderink, Frits
Numerical relativistic hydrodynamics

1993 Frens, A.M
Trapping and recombination at defects in silicon
promotor: J. Schmidt

1993 Knetsch, Eric Alexander
Magnetic correlations in heavy-fermion superconductors : an experimental study of URu2Si2 and (U,Th)Be13
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1993 Kooiman, Adrianus
On the interface between two coexisting phases and reptation models for electrophoresis
promotor: J.M.J. van Leeuwen

1993 Korving, Willem Hendrik
On the spin-Peierls transition and related phenomena in quasi 1-d magnets
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1993 Leeuwen, David A. van
Magnetic moments in metalcluster molecules
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1993 Leeuwen, Petrus Johannes van
The redox cycle of the oxygen evolving complex of phoytosystem II
promotor: J. Amesz

1993 Moonen, Jacob Theodoor
Spin and Vortex dynamics in high-Tc superconductors studied by 205Tl and 19F NMR
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1993 Reefman, Derk
Numerical simulations on the NMR-properties of high-Tc superconductors : spin and vortex dynamics
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1993 Roobol, Lars Peter
3He in very high magnetic fields
promotor: G. Frossati

1993 Tausk, Jan Boudewijn
Top quark effects on multijet production and electroweak parameters
promotor: F.A. Berends

1993 Tol, Maurits Frederik Hendrik van
The dynamics of gas-metal interactions studied on the atomic level : NO reduction reactions over Pt and Rh
promotor: V. Ponec

1993 Zijlstra, Ellen Bertina
Second order QCD corrections to deep inelastic processes
promotor: F.A. Berends

1994 Brümmer, N.C
The Λ baryon as a probe of QCD at LEP
promotor: A.N. Diddens

1994 Douwes, Hendrik Roelof Anastasius
Flux pinning and structural properties of high-Tc superconducting thin films
promotor: P.H. Kes

1994 Koningsbruggen, Petronella Johanna van
Structures and magnetic properties of polynuclear copper(II) coordination compounds : 1,2,4-triazoles and acylamidrazones as ligands
promotor: J. Reedijk

1994 Koorevaar, Pieter
Superconductivity and vortex properties in various multilayers
promotor: P.H. Kes

1994 Laar, R.W.A. van de
Two-dimensional behaviour of very thin 4He films on glass
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1994 Mentink, S.A.M
Reduced magnetic moments in f-electron compounds : an experimental study of CeT2X2, UNi4B and CePd2Al3
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1994 Mulder, Fokko Marten
Mössbauer spectroscopy on metal cluster compounds and on Gd intermetallics under high pressure
promotor: L.J. de Jongh & K.H.J. Buschow

1994 Noort, Petronella Innocentia van
Energy transfer and primary photochemistry in photosynthetic bacteria : a picosecond time-resolved absorbance study
promotor: J. Amesz

1994 Oostwal, Michel Gerhard
On the dynamics of semidilute polyelectrolyte solutions
promotor: D. Bedeaux & T. Odijk

1994 Rejaei-Salmassi, Behzad
On the conductivity of strongly correlated low-dimensional systems
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

1994 Vos, Robert van der
Antenna and reaction center complexes in photosynthesis : an absorbance-detected magnetic resonance and magnetic field effect study
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1994 Vrieze, Jacobien
Optical and magnetic properties of chlorophylls in glasses and in photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes : an ODMR study
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1994 Wolde, Annemarie ten
Synthesis and spectroscopy of configurationally locked conjugated trienes : singlet and triplet excited-state properties
promotor: J. Cornelisse

1995 Beärda, Robert Alexander
Photodissociation of CH2 : an ab initio and quantum dynamical study
promotor: J. Cornelisse & E.F. van Dishoeck

1995 Bemmel, Hans van
Real-space aspects of correlated fermions
promotor: W. van Saarloos

1995 Blees, Martin Hillebrand
Self-diffusion in latex : dynamics of small molecules and colloidal particles
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1995 Bosch, Martin Kornelis
Primary photochemistry in photosynthetic reaction centers : a cw and pulsed EPR study
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1995 Bouwmeester, Dirk
Quantum mechanics and classical optics
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1995 Brink, Johan Samuel van den
Binding and magnetic properties of the primary acceptor quinone in reaction centers of photosynthetic purple bacteria
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1995 Drost, Andreas
Crystallographic properties of U(Co1-xFex)2Ge2, UNi2Sn and UNi4B : a neutron diffraction study
promotor: E. Frikkee

1995 Floris, Paulus Gerardus Antonius
On quantum groups, hypergroups and q-special functions
promotor: G. van Dijk & T.H Koornwinder

1995 Haaf, Daniël Frederik Bastiaan ten
On the magnetic phase diagram of the Hubbard model
promotor: J.M.J. van Leeuwen

1995 Haar, Ewout ter
Low temperatures in high magnetic fields : application to polarized Deuterium
promotor: G. Frossati

1995 Haarmans, Martinus Theodorus
Ellipsometric properties of strongly interacting spheres on a substrate
promotor: D. Bedeaux

1995 Haider, Stefan Markus
B0s mixing at the Z0 resonance determined with the RICH technique
promotor: A.N. Diddens

1995 Hemelrijk, Petra Wilhelmina
Photosynthetic quinone reduction by membrane-bound and solubilized reaction centers
promotor: J. Amesz

1995 Heuvel, Dirk Jan van den
Dynamic nuclear polarization via photoexcited triplet states and spectroscopic studies of C60
promotor: J. Schmidt

1995 Jong, Marc Johan Martijn de
Shot noise and electrical conduction in mesoscopic systems
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

1995 Keulen, Hugo van
Solutions and applications of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation for the description of ion sorption and diffusion in charged systems of various geometries
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1995 Kuppens, Simon Jacobus Maria
The quantum-limited laser linewidth explored in extreme regimes
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1995 Li, Ting-Wei
Studies of crystal growth, oxygen diffusion, flux pinning and flux lattice melting on Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x single crystals
promotor: P.H. Kes & J.J.M. Franse

1995 Molenbroek, Alfonsus Maria
Surface-melting instabilities at metal surfaces : a combined ion-scattering and computer-simulation study
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken

1995 Schelvis, Johannes Petrus Maria
Energy and electron transfer in reaction centers of the Photosystem II type
promotor: J. Amesz

1995 Wagner, Raymond
The observation of 3He crystals at temperatures down to 1 mK using a cooled CCD camera
promotor: G. Frossati

1996 Beijersbergen, Marco Wilhelmus
Phase singularities in optical beams
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1996 Bennebroek, Martinus Theodorus
High-field electron nuclear double resonance spectroscopy on photo-induced centers in silver halides
promotor: J. Schmidt

1996 Coremans, Jan W.A.
W-band electron spin echo spectroscopy of azurin
promotor: J. Schmidt

1996 Francke, C.H.
Organisation and composition of the light harvesting system of anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1996 Hao, Wei
Study of charged kaon production in three-prong tau decays
promotor: A.N. Diddens

1996 Hecke, Martin van
The amplitude description of nonequilibrium patterns
promotor: W. van Saarloos

1996 Heuvel, Bastiaan Matthijs van den
Non-perturbative phenomena in gauge theory on S3
promotor: P.J. van Baal

1996 Jansen van Doorn, Arnold Karel
Symmetry breaking in vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1996 Kok, Peter
Spectroscopy of polyenes and azabenzenes : an electron-spin-echo, resonance Raman, and free-electron-laser study
promotor: J. Schmidt

1996 Koops, Martijn Cornelis
On the current-phase relation of a superconducting mechanically controllable breakjunction
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1996 Krans, Jan Martijn
Size effects in atomic-scale point contacts
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1996 Remeijer, Peter
Ultra low temperature experiments on quantum systems
promotor: G. Frossati

1996 Shochat, Susana
The effect of site-directed mutations on the structure and photochemistry of reaction centres of photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1996 Son, Joop J. van
Isothermal fourth sound and isothermal flow of superfluid 3He-4He mixtures in very long tubes
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1996 Song, Loling
Photobleaching kinetics of fluorescein in quantitative fluorescence microscopy

1996 Süllow, Stefan
Search for new behaviour in uranium intermetallic compounds
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1996 Wegkamp, M.H
Entropy methods in statistical estimation
promotor: W.R. van Zwet

1996 Zeeuw, Erik Abraham van der
Scanning angle reflectometry on colloid island films
promotor: D. Bedeaux

1997 Adriaanse, Laurens Johannes
Charge carrier transport in metal/non-metal composites
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1997 Brouwer, Piet Wibertus
On the random-matrix theory of quantum transport
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

1997 Colen, Roderik Ewoud Rafael
Oxidation of CO on platinum surfaces : copper modification and intermediate pressures
promotor: V. Ponec & G. Ertl

1997 Duijn, Eric-Jan van
Rotational state and molecular collisions
promotor: L.J.F. Hermans

1997 Eijkelenborg, Martijn Alexander van
Excess quantum noise in unstable-cavity lasers
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1997 Franken, Eric Maria
Primary processes and electron transfer in anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1997 Groenewold, Jan
Statistical thermodynamics of surfaces and electrolyte depletion
promotor: D. Bedeaux & T. Odijk

1997 Hansen, Ellen Marie
Modelling of aluminium electrolysis cells using nonequilibrium thermodynamics
promotor: D. Bedeaux & S.H. Kjelstrup

1997 Kennis, Johannes Theodorus Maria
Exciton coupling, energy transfer and photochemical conversion in purple photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1997 Kramer, Hans
Energy transfer and antenna organisation in photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1997 Louwe, Robert Jan Willem
Excited states in photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes : optical and magnetic resonance studies of interactions between chlorophylls
promotor: J. Amesz & A.J. Hoff

1997 Marchenkov, Alexei Nikolaevich
Optical studies of growth and melting dynamics of solid 3He ad ultra low temperatures and in high magnetic fields
promotor: G. Frossati

1997 Marchevsky, Maxim Victorovich
Magnetic decoration study of the vortex lattice in superconductors : ordering, elasticity, dimensionality and dynamics
promotor: P.H. Kes

1997 Masalmeh, Shehadeh Khamis
A comparative study of the low and high frequency characteristics of metal-insulator-metal diodes
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1997 Melsen, Joost Adrianus
Induced superconductivity in microstructures
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

1997 Paasschens, Jeroen Clemens Jozef
On the transmission of light through random media
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

1997 Post, Nikolaas van der
Superconductivity and magnetism in Nano-scale junctions
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1997 Rijken, Pieter Johannes
Higher order QCD corrections to timelike processes
promotor: F.A. Berends

1997 Sinzig, Joachim
Magnetism of nanometer-sized particles
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1997 Snippe, Jeroen Robert
The uses of improved actions in lattice gauge theory
promotor: P.J. van Baal

1997 Straat, Daniël Albertus van de
Molecular gold and platinum clusters : a Mössbauer spectroscopic study
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1997 Theunissen, Martinus Henricus
Properties of the flux-line solid and liquid in amorphous Nb3Ge films
promotor: P.H. Kes

1997 Volokitin, Yakov Evgenievich
Electrons and phonons in nanocluster materials
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1998 Becker, Bernd
Concert of magnetic, structural and electronic properties in R2T3X5 and R5T4Si10 compounds
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1998 Dijk, Bastiaan van
Magnetic and electric field effects in photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1998 Eggenkamp, Marcus Everarda Wilhelmus
Third sound on 3He and 4He films
promotor: G. Frossati

1998 Fritschij, Franciscus Cornelis
Nano-sized metal clusters and copper oxides studied by nuclear magnetic resonance
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1998 Ham, Eric Wilhelmus Maria van der
Sum-frequency generation at interfaces : a study employing the FELIX free-electron laser
promotor: Q.H.F. Vrehen

1998 Hartog, Frank Theodoor Henk den
Spectral diffusion and energy transfer in doped organic glasses and photosynthetic PS II reaction center complexes : a low-temperature study by time-resolved spectral hole-burning
promotor: S.L. Völker

1998 Hendriks, Robert Frans Maria
Optically-pumped vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1998 Hoogeman, Mischa Sebastiaan
Surfaces in motion : a variable-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy study
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken

1998 Kampen, Harald van
Optical properties of dense atomic vapours : an experimental study
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1998 Kassapidou, Ekaterini
Mesoscopic order in DNA solutions
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1998 Kolnaar, Jeroen Johannes Antonius
Molecular magnetic materials : spin transitions and spin offs
promotor: J. Reedijk

1998 Langen, Stijn Alexander van
Thermal and electrical phenomena in chaotic conductors
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

1998 Nagels, Boris
New light on nuclear spin conversion in molecules
promotor: L.J.F. Hermans

1998 Tanahatoe, Jan Jurgen
Dynamic light scattering by polyelectrolytes in solution
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1998 Verdegem, Peter Julien Edward
Structure, function and dynamics of the chromophore of rhodopsin
promotor: J. Lugtenburg

1998 Visser, Paul Martijn
Dark atoms in light fields
promotor: G. Nienhuis

1998 Vleeming, Bertus Johan
The four-terminal SQUID
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

1998 Vos, Fernando Leonard Jacobus
On fermionic correlations in high-temperature superconductors and molecular systems
promotor: W. van Saarloos

1998 Wincencjusz, Hanna Maria
The inorganic cofactors of photosynthetic oxygen evolution
promotor: J. Amesz

1998 Witteveen, Joost
NMR in strongly correlated electron systems : Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8, TmBa2Cu3O6+x, La2NiO4+d, B12+xC3-x
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1998 Woerkens, C.M.C.M. van
Rapid melting experiments on 3He-4He mixtures
promotor: G. Frossati

1999 Brouwer, Albertus Cornelis Jan
Optical and magnetic-resonance spectroscopy on single molecules
promotor: J. Schmidt

1999 Chapovsky, Alexander Pavlovich
Instability and radiative effects in pair production of W-bosons
promotor: F.A. Berends

1999 Creemers, Tijsbert Mathieu Henricus
Conformational dynamics of proteins and glasses at low temperature : studies by time-resolved hole-burning and fluorescence line-narrowing
promotor: S.L. Völker

1999 Dorsselaer, Frans Eduard van
Quantum trajectories
promotor: G. Nienhuis

1999 Drost, Roelof Jasper
Flux pinning by extended defects in layered superconductors
promotor: P.H. Kes

1999 Du Croo de Jongh, Maarten Steven Lucas
Density matrix renormalisation group variants for spin systems
promotor: J.M.J. van Leeuwen & W. van Saarloos

1999 Duin, Cornelis Nicolaas Adrianus van
On quantum magnetism in cuprate superconductors
promotor: W. van Saarloos

1999 Fäth, Matthian
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy on correlated electron systems : a study of FeSi and (La, Ca)MnO3 at low temperatures and high magnetic fields
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1999 Freisem, Sabine
Sputtered thin films of ferromagnetic and superconducting oxides : preparation, characterization and physical properties of single and double layers
promotor: P.H. Kes

1999 Geers, Johana Marinus Elisabeth
Superconductivity in thin films and multilayers : vortex behavior and the interaction with magnetism
promotor: P.H. Kes

1999 Groten, Dirk
Search for length scales in correlated electron systems : thin films of CeRu2 and CeCu6
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1999 Hulsebosch, Robertus Johannes
Magnetic and structural properties of electron transport cofactors in photosynthetic reaction centers
promotor: A.J. Hoff

1999 Jorritsma, Jorrit
Magnetic and electrical-transport properties of metallic nanowires
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

1999 Karman, Gerardus Petrus
Singular optics
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

1999 Ludoph, Bas
Quantum conductance properties of atomic-size contacts
promotor: L.J. de Jongh & J. van Ruitenbeek

1999 Reedijk, Johannes Adriaan
Hopping transport in disordered media studied up to terahertz frequencies
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

1999 Schipper, Franciscus Jacobus Maria
Mass transport in polyelectrolyte solutions
promotor: J.C. Leyte

1999 Vissenberg, Michel Cornelis Josephus Marie
Opto-electronic properties of disordered organic semiconductors
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

1999 Vulto, Simone
Excited state dynamics and interactions in pigment-protein complexes from photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

1999 Wouda, Peter Theodoor
Atomic scale studies of alloy surfaces
promotor: V. Ponec

2000 Brom, Helko Elbert van den
Noise properties of atomic-size contacts
promotor: J.M. van Ruitenbeek

2000 Dauw, Xavier Louis Raymond
Excited states of C70 and C60
promotor: J. Schmidt

2000 Gastel, Maurice van
Type 1 copper sites in proteins : spectroscopy and quantum chemistry
promotor: J. Schmidt

2000 Hijnen, Henricus Joannes Maria
Charge formation and ion transport in microporous membranes
promotor: D. Bedeaux

2000 Hoek, A. van der
Two- and three-dimensional aspects of superfluidity in very thin 4He films on various substrates : a thermal counterflow experiment in the helium film-vapour system
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

2000 Jak, Martin Jacobus Johan
An atomic scale view on a model catalyst : Pd nanoparticles on TiO2
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken

2000 Joosten, Krista
Cavity losses and fluctuations of laser light
promotor: G. Nienhuis

2000 Keurentjes, Johannes Arnoldus Hermanus
New vacua for Yang-Mills theory on a 3-torus
promotor: P.J. van Baal

2000 Kraan, Thomas Caspar
Periodic instantons and monopoles
promotor: P.J. van Baal

2000 Lee, Alexander Marc van der
Unraveling the mechanism of excess quantum noise
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

2000 Martens, Hubert Cécile François
Charge transport in conjugated polymers and polymer devices
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2000 Osman Ibrahim, Osman Yousif
On stripe correlations in cuprate superconductors
promotor: W. van Saarloos

2000 Owen, Gabrielle Marie
Optically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy of photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes
promotor: A.J. Hoff

2000 Patra, Michael
On quantum optics of random media
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

2000 Paulus, Peter Marie
Nanometer-sized metal particles studied by Mössbauer Effect Spectroscopy and magnetic probes
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2000 Rotariu, Andreea Iuliana
Fourth order model equations in physics and mechanics
promotor: L.A. Peletier

2001 Abu-Shiekah, Issa Mahmoud
Stripes in superconducting cuprates and insulating nickelates studied by nuclear resonance
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2001 Bemmel, Koert Jozef Henricus van
On chaotic wave dynamics
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

2001 Besseling, Rut
Depinning and dynamics of the vortex lattice in thin films and narrow channels
promotor: P.H. Kes

2001 Bloeß, Andreas
Single molecules as nanoprobes
promotor: J. Schmidt

2001 Boer, Arjo Lysander de
Biochemical and spectroscopic studies on the directionality of electron transfer in the reaction center of Rhodobacter sphaeroides
promotor: A.J. Hoff

2001 Borovykh, Igor Victorovich
Pulse and magnetophotoselection EPR studies of radical pair and triplet states of bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers
promotor: A.J. Hoff

2001 Duijn-Arnold, Ankie van
Electronic structure of donor and acceptor defects in SiC
promotor: J. Schmidt

2001 Duijvenbode, René Cornelis van
Nanoparticle adsorption : reflections on ellipsometry
promotor: D. Bedeaux

2001 Evangelisti, Marco
Experiments on low-dimensional molecular magnets
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2001 Gastel, Raoul van
The atomic slide puzzle : vacancy-mediated diffusion of a surfactant
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken

2001 Gulik, Robert Christiaan Wilhelmus van
Resonance production in two-photon collisions
promotor: F.A. Berends

2001 Mettes, Fabianus Leonard
Quantum phenomena in molecular nanoclusters
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2001 Neerken, Sieglinde
Pathways of energy conversion in pigment-protein complexes of anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

2001 Oijen, Antoine M. van
Microscopy and spectroscopy on single molecules at low temperature
promotor: J. Schmidt

2001 Permentier, Hjalmar Petrus
Light-harvesting and core complexes of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria
promotor: J. Amesz

2001 Reesink, Alex Leopold
Thermodynamic calculation of 4He and 3He saturated vapour pressures and 3He melting pressures : international temperature scales in the range 1 mK to 5 K
promotor: R. de Bruyn Ouboter

2001 Riedmüller, Bernd
Activation barriers in gas-surface reactions

2001 Rost, Marcel Joachim
Energetics of the AU(110)-surface : one reason for many structures
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken

2001 Storm, Cees
Dynamics and interactions of coherent structures in nonlinear systems
promotor: W. van Saarloos

2001 Wijn, Rik de
Stabilization and recombination of the charge separation in Photosystem II
promotor: A.J. Hoff

2001 Willemsen, Marnix Bernard
Polarization fluctuations in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

2001 Yanson, Alexei Igorevich
Atomic chains and electronic shells : quantum mechanisms for the formation of nanowires
promotor: L.J. de Jongh & J.M. van Ruitenbeek

2002 Bekker, Erik Joannes Adrianus de
The effect of solute-solvent interactions on the early dynamics of excited solutes in liquid solutions studied by time-resolved spectroscopic techniques
promotor: J. Cornelisse

2002 Berg, Steven van den
Dynamics of polymer lasers
promotor: G.W. ’t Hooft

2002 Blaauwgeers, Rob
Unconventional quantized vortices : a study on 3He and UPt3
promotor: G. Frossati & M. Krusius

2002 Chassagne, Claire
Double layer polarization in electric fields
promotor: D. Bedeaux

2002 Crowley, Peter Bernard
Transient protein interactions of photosynthetic redox partners
promotor: G.W. Canters

2002 Galli, Federica
Coexistence of charge density waves and magnetism in intermetallic compounds
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

2002 Germano, Marta Isabel da Conceição Carreira
Structure and function of photosystem II : new insights through biochemical cofactor replacement
promotor: T. Schmidt

2002 Janson, M.E
Force generation by growing microtubules
promotor: A.M. Dogterom

2002 Ketelaars, Martijn
Spectroscopy on single light-harvesting complexes of photosynthetic bacteria
promotor: J. Schmidt

2002 Li, Ming
Studies of vortex matter in strongly underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x crystals
promotor: P.H. Kes

2002 Lien, Yngve
Intensity dynamics of slow-inversion lasers
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

2002 Pachtchenko, Serguei Valerijevitch
Primary electron donor triplet states in photosynthetic reaction centers as studied by high-field EPR
promotor: A.J. Hoff & T. Schmidt

2002 Pijper, Ernesto
Quantum dynamics of diffraction and reaction : scattering of H2 from LiF(001) and Pt(111)
promotor: E.F. van Dishoeck

2002 Sommerdijk, Henricus Theodorus
Ab initio calculations on many-electron open-shell systems
promotor: J. Cornelisse

2002 Zakharova, Svetlana
Order in dense DNA phases
promotor: J.G.E.M. Fraaije

2003 Amsterdam, Maria Catharina van
Electron transfer in dimers of azurin
promotor: G.W. Canters

2003 Bosch, Marco
Stripes and cuprate high-Tc superconductors
promotor: W. van Saarloos

2003 Dienwiebel, Martin
Atomic-scale friction and superlubricity : studied using high-resolution frictional force microscopy
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken

2003 Dingjan, Jos
Multi-mode optical resonators and wave chaos
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

2003 Hendriksen, Bastiaan Lambertus Martinus
Model catalysts in action : high-pressure scanning tunneling microscopy
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken

2003 Kindermann, Markus
Electron counting statistics in nanostructures
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker & Yu.V. Nazarov

2003 Kruis, Herman
On hidden order in Luttinger liquids
promotor: J. Zaanen

2003 Méray, Nóra
Magnetic field effect and ODMR study on photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes
promotor: T. Schmidt

2003 Mulder, Martijn Josephus Jacobus
New paramagnetic molecular conductors : Ni- and Pd(dmit)2 salts with transition-metal complex cations
promotor: J. Reedijk

2003 Schulten, Els
Electronic structure of the special pair in photosynthetic reaction centres : site-directed 13C labelled chlorophylls investigated with MAS NMR spectroscopy
promotor: J. Lugtenburg & H.J.M. de Groot

2003 Skau, Karl Isak
Polymer adsorption on curved surfaces: mean field theories
promotor: D. Bedeaux

2003 Smit, Roeland Huibert Marie
From quantum point contacts to monatomic chains: fabrication and characterization of the ultimate nanowire
promotor: J.M. van Ruitenbeek

2003 Snoeijer, Jacco H
Statistics of force networks in granular media
promotor: W. van Saarloos

2003 Tomuta, Daniela G
Investigations of hexagonal manganites with magnetic and non magnetic rare earths
promotor: J.A. Mydosh

2003 Waard, Arlette de
MiniGRAIL : the first spherical gravitational wave antenna
promotor: G. Frossati

2004 Andolfi, Laura
Scanning probe microscopy and electron transfer properties of engineered plastocyanin adsorbed on gold substrate
promotor: G.W. Canters

2004 Blab, Gerhard Adolf
Single-molecule techniques in biological and biophysical research
promotor: T. Schmidt

2004 Boer, Ido de
Modeling of chlorosomal light-harvesting antennae: molecular control of self-assembly of chlorins resolved by MAS NMR
promotor: H.J.M. de Groot

2004 Cosentino Lagomarsino, Marco
Biologically inspired problems concerning semiflexible filaments
promotor: A.M. Dogterom

2004 Fittipaldi, Maria
The electronic structure of copper sites in proteins : a pulsed and high-field EPR study
promotor: E.J.J. Groenen

2004 Gottardi, Luciano
Transducers and low noise two-stage SQUID amplifiers for the spherical gravitational wave antenna MiniGRAIL
promotor: G. Frossati

2004 Haroutyunyan, Hayk Levon
Coherent control of single atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates by light
promotor: G. Nienhuis

2004 Hosseinkhani, Babak
On the thermodynamics at quantum phase transitions in two dimensional electron systems
promotor: J. Zaanen

2004 Hulea, Iulian Nicolae
Doping in conjugated polymers: number of carriers, mobility and density of states
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2004 Klein, Dionne Clara Gertrud
Feeling sugar-protein interactions using carbon nanotubes : a molecular recognition force microscopy study
promotor: J.W.M. Frenken & J.W. Kijne

2004 Kyrylyuk, Andriy Vasylyovych
Electrostatically induced phase transitions in block copolymer melts and solutions
promotor: J.G.E.M. Fraaije

2004 Lommerse, Piet
Membrane organization and dynamics investigated by single-molecule microscopy
promotor: T. Schmidt

2004 Morello, Andrea
Quantum spin dynamics in single-molecule magnets
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2004 Oemrawsingh, Sumant Sukdew Ramanujan
Optical dislocations and quantum entanglement
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

2004 Rodríguez, José Antonio
Patterns described by discrete and continuous dynamical systems
promotor: L.A. Peletier

2004 Romijn, Ingrid Gerdina
Materials on the edge: between metallic and insulating behavior
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2004 Rooijen, Richard van
Crystal growth and melting of 3He: looking near absolute zero
promotor: G. Frossati

2004 Somers, Mark Frans
Six-dimensional quantum dynamics of dissociative chemisorption of hydrogen on metal surfaces
promotor: G.J. Kroes

2004 Sorop, Tiberiu Gabriel
Experiments on magnetic and superconducting nanowires and magnetic nanoparticles
promotor: L.J. de Jongh

2004 Yang, Zongquan
Strain effects in thin films of manganite oxides
promotor: P.H. Kes

2005 Altewischer, Erwin
Subwavelength hole arrays, surface plasmons and quantum entanglement
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

2005 Baarle, Gerard Johannes Cornelis van
Vortices in superconductors imaged by scanning tunnelling microscopy : vortex structures in superconducting thin films of a-Mo2.7Ge and (La,Sr)2CuO4
promotor: P.H. Kes & J. Aarts

2005 Backus, Ellen
Driving and probing surfaces with light
promotor: M. Bonn & A.W. Kleyn

2005 Baggio, Chiara
Dynamics of vortex fronts in type II superconductors
promotor: W. van Saarloos

2005 Delft, Dirk van
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes : een biografie : de man van het absolute nulpunt

2005 Gluhoi, Andreea
Fundamental studies focused on understanding of gold catalysis
promotor: B.E. Nieuwenhuys

2005 Goorden, Marlies Cornelia
Superconductivity in nanostructures : Andreev billiards and Josephson junction qubits
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

2005 Koster, Gerbrand
Membrane tube formation by motor proteins : forces and dynamics
promotor: A.M. Dogterom

2005 Loaiza Rivas, Javier Augusto
Experimental demonstration of the fractal nature of unstable-resonator modes
promotor: J.P. Woerdman

2005 Nogradi, Daniel
Multi-calorons and their moduli
promotor: P.J. van Baal

2005 Ruijter, Ward P.F. de
Photodynamics of light-harvesting systems
promotor: T.J. Aartsma

2005 Rusanov, Alexander
Effects of proximity coupling and magnetization switching in superconductor/ferromagnet hybrids
promotor: J. Aarts

2005 Schmauder, Ralf
Application of FCS and FRET in protein biochemistry and biophysics
promotor: T. Schmidt

2005 Slot, Erwin
Microscopic charge density wave transport
promotor: P.H. Kes

2005 Tajic, Alireza
Study of a stroboscopic model of a quantum dot
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

2005 Velsen, Joris van
On the production and transfer of entangled electrons and photons
promotor: C.W.J. Beenakker

2005 Verberk, Rogier
Photon statistics and power-law blinking of single semiconductor nanocrystals
promotor: J. Schmidt & M.A.G.J. Orrit

2005 Verhoeven, Michiel
Electronic and spatial characteristics of the retinylidene chromophore of rhodopsin
promotor: H.J.M. de Groot & W.J. de Grip

2005 Visser, Jorrit
Operator description of the dynamics of optical modes
promotor: G. Nienhuis